Our Cornish Country Home

I don’t mean to brag, but I live in a pretty nice house! My boyfriend and I previously rented our own flat in Plymouth until we were offered to get in on a house share with friends. It’s amazing to see the places you can afford to live in when you club together.


Most of my housemates (boyfriend included) are musicians, so although I work a regular day job I love coming home to hear music coming from every room. Thankfully they’re understanding and shut up when it’s my bedtime.

The guy who organised the whole thing is setting up the basement as a recording studio, so I can’t wait to tell you all about it when it’s finished. At the moment there’s a lot of hammering and old pallets being taken down the stairs, but I’ll keep shtum for now.

I often find deer in the garden when I leave for work!

Our house was built in 1810, has 8 bedrooms, a huge garden and a hot tub – not kidding. It was a holiday home rental before we moved in and our landlords wanted one consistent group living there. Along we came!

Having come from a town where I’d have to pay a fortune to rent a studio flat, I’m still impressed that we can afford to live here. We share with friends, but it would still cost far more ‘back up the line’.

We live close to Plymouth and the sea, and it’s easy to head deeper into Cornwall whenever we like. We have plenty of plans for our new home and know that it will be amazing in the summer!



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