Falmouth: A Flying Visit

When I don’t have any plans but want to get out of the house, I like to go for a drive. Sometimes I pick a direction and see where I end up. In the summer I scan the coastline on Google Maps until I spot a nice-looking beach. This weekend though, being cold and later in the day, my boyfriend and I picked Falmouth and headed off for a 90 minute drive.

Credit: http://www.falmouth.co.uk

We packed up the car with CDs and flasks of steaming coffee, leaving at around 2pm. We have a habit of sleeping in late at the weekends – the house could be going up in flames while I choose to have a lie-in, and Jake is a musician which means he’s often not in bed until the early hours – so our “days” out usually only take place in the late afternoon/evening. Sometimes it’s a pain, but if we’ve planned a day well then we make an effort to get up much earlier!

Getting There

It’s January but it had been a sunny day, so as we flew down the A30 the sky turned an unusual, pretty colour and the whispy clouds were taking on all sorts of shapes. There was no traffic so the journey timings were absolutely spot-on.

Sometimes the most stressful part of visiting a new place is not knowing where to park. Thankfully the town centre and parking is well sign-posted so we found it easily, but it wasn’t particularly cheap.


We weren’t far from the high street which was mostly open for a few more hours when we arrived. The first section of the street was very quiet with the cafes closed and packed up for the day, but as we continued around the corner the shops were bigger and busier.

I ended up with a gorgeous, new dress from Ann’s Cottage (a surf clothing shop), a coconut-scented Sex Wax car air-freshener which I’ve been after for a while and a bag of sea salt flavoured fudge – my favourite.

The high street. Credit: Guy Hatton (Flickr)


We both like to look around new places and were quite content with just wandering up the street as it got darker. I suggested that we get something good to eat while we were out, and I was so impressed by the choice in Falmouth. Most of the restaurants are local and independent with unusual interiors and funky typography around big windows. I remember seeing Caribbean, Mexican, burgers and Thai, and I know that there was much more on offer. We walked around for a while, looking in windows and at menus, feeling spoilt for choice (and therefore struggling to just pick a place to stop at).

In the end Jake admitted that he wasn’t really hungry for a full meal and I was a bit daunted by the choice. I remembered seeing a burrito bar on the first part of the high street when we arrived, and we both love a good burrito. We weren’t let down and it was much cheaper than a full meal. It was called Habaneros Burrito Bar and a giant chalkboard told us what was offer, how to order and gave us a choice of sauce rated by heat. Jake chose the mild mango one, but I thought “sod it” and tried chipotle (medium). It was totally fine.

After we’d eaten we took a walk back to the car as it was so cold and dark by this point. The plan is to visit again when the weather is better and the days are longer. I’ve been told that Falmouth has some good, pebbly beaches which are lined with restaurants and bars, some beautiful parks and gardens and, in the summer, a much livelier high street.

Gyllyngvase Beach Falmouth
Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth. Credit: http://www.falmouth.co.uk

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