Tregonhawke Beach on Whitsand Bay

You really have to jump into action if you want to make the most of a rare, sunny, winter’s day. Yesterday Jake and I decided that we’d go for a walk along the beach which is just a 5 minute drive away.


The British weather, like usual, had its fun with us – as we had a quick cup of tea before leaving, the sunshine vanished and rain started pouring. Thankfully, just moments later, the clouds passed and the sun looked like it was back to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

On the way out of the door we grabbed the lead for Tilly, our housemate’s Cockapoo. I chucked a towel down on the backseat of my car, only too aware of the mess she’d make of her curly hair. Unfortunately, the Labrador (owned by another housemate) is fresh from an operation and wearing a huge cone around his head, so it was rubbish to have to leave him behind knowing how crazy he goes for the beach.


We headed for Tregonhawke beach which is part of Whitsand Bay. We parked close to Clifftop Café (great place, look it up) and walked down a long path amongst the tiny chalets and cottages with the sea on our left.


We timed our trip well as we caught the beach at low tide. I’ve been here before as it comes back in and it’s incredibly quick and easy to be cut off by the rocks. We only saw four other people in the time we were there, so Tilly could run around like mad without bothering anyone. The beach has a huge stretch of sand and I kept coming across beautiful shells, some bigger than the palm of my hand.


As well as shells, we collected some colourful rope and a bunch of driftwood for my crafty friend. I can’t wait to see what she makes with it.

A few hours later we managed to drag ourselves back up the steep steps to the car, before getting home and giving Tilly a good scrub in the bath. We got home at almost 4pm and it was nice to see that the sun didn’t set until an hour later. It might only be January, but at least we’ll see the back of winter soon!12645058_10154454434394409_4570961593557400360_n


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